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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spam Filter Drives Wedge in Marriage

All of a sudden I lost email communications with my wife, another Penn State employee. I could send and receive emails with the rest of the world, but not my wife. Could this be an omen: do I need to pay greater attention to spousal communications? Might someone have the sick idea of meddling with my marriage?

It took hours of forensic examination by IT professionals at Penn State to find the answer. Blame it on Blogspot! My wife's mail server contains a potent spam filter that in its infinite wisdom determined that any REFERENCE to blogspot constituted probable cause to DELETE the message.

I had proudly added on my email signature a reference to Telefrieden thereby triggering the spam filter at my wife's Penn State server.

What can we learn from this unfortunate episode? Filters may be under- and over-inclusive, for sure. Might the spam filter software company render itself liable for damages by being overinclusive?

My remedy to the problem: eliminate the blogspot reference in my email signature. So even fewer people will know about TeleFrieden. Please tell your friends about this site as my email signature no longer can.

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