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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lies, Damn Lies and Broadband Statistics

The FCC and NTIA have launched a broadband map that purports to give quite granular and current data about broadband accessibility.  Don't count on realistic statistics.  See Broadband Map

The casual reader won't catch the use of advertised, maximum speeds.  When, if ever, will the FCC and NTIA start to plug in real, measured speeds? 

The casual reader also may not quibble about the reported, advertised speeds.  When the site reports 50-100 megabits per second, as it does for my location, would not a reader infer a speed somewhere probably midway between the two poles?  Comcast offers a $99.99 plus, plus Extreme 50 Plan for downlink speeds "up to" 50 megabits per second.  So why not bump that platinum plan up to the NEXT rate band?  And let's forget about how many people actually subscribe to this level of service, if really available.

At first glance, the FCC and NTIA, are overstating reality.  This reminds me that there are lies, damn lies and broadband statistics.


Dave D said...

The FCC is working with SamKnows (an organization out of the UK) to deploy 10,000 "white boxes" which will plug into your internet and report real-world connection speeds back to the FCC. I was recently picked as a participating citizen, so I am interested in finding out what kind of detailed information they can give me about my broadband connection (I have a 20/20 connection). Hopefully this will be integrated with this broadband map to get an accurate picture of broadband speeds across the US.

Guitardad said...

yeah fcc and samknows teaming up with isps to lie to customers i was in th estudy i guess i read different numbers than the fcc/samknows