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Sunday, March 20, 2011

AT&T-T Mobile One Merger Too Many?

So AT&T wants to acquire T-Mobile's market share concentrating the wireless marketplace so that 3 carriers control over 90% of the market.  Would anyone buy the bogus argument that No. 2 Delta Airline's acqusition of No. 4 American would "promote competition"?  Does anyone notice that mergers are job killing?  Does the FCC and the Justice Department have the courage to say no? 

Bear in mind the FCC rarely refuses to approve with conditions market concentrating mergers.  For wireless the FCC has abandoned spectrum caps and making new spectrum available only to new market bidders.

I predict that months from now the FCC will find a way to frame this merger as something really great for consumers.  Bogus!


arshad said...

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Anonymous said...

Is there any way the average citizen can make any difference at all in these situations? It's difficult enough to convince the non-technically inclined acquaintances that this is even a problem much less convince your elected representatives who may be taking campaign donations from such bad actors.

Anonymous said...

Thank god my two contracts are up next month so I do not have to deal with the that Traitorous info sharing government lapdog AT&T, I plan to support a smaller company instead of feeding large Fascist corporations playing monopoly with the country. This will be my second merger avoidance with wireless companies. Come one folks you should know by now there is a problem in this country, you do NOT want One phone provider, One Car company, One food store, One water company, One large monthly bill and unfair charges from a company that is the only game in town because they all competition.