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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the Wall Street Journal and the Secondary Meaning of Incontinent

          Today the Wall Street Journal reached a new nadir of snark and journalist irresponsibility.  In one op ed, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. misrepresented the nature of FCC broadband oversight as “monopoly regulation,” and implied that Chairman Wheeler is a liar and Obama pawn. See

            Additionally, Mr. Jenkins accused Chairman Wheeler of incontinence, which I now know has a secondary meaning of lacking in moderation or self-control; unceasing or unrestrained.  So Mr. Jenkins wasn’t making a medical diagnosis. Okay, but I know an (begin encryption) ick pray when I see one.
            This kind of op-editorial is shameful. 
            If the FCC is engaging in monopoly broadband regulation, how can there be multiple broadband operators who want to merge?  Bear in mind that these merging ventures will take pains to explain the robust competitiveness and non-monopolistic nature of the broadband market.  Mr. Jenkins must be referring to price, or rate of return regulation, but guess what Mr. (begin encryption) Ace in the Hole?  The FCC expressly doesn’t reserve the option of doing either.
            So Mr. Jenkins doesn’t believe the FCC or Mr. Wheeler.  Perhaps you should have similar skepticism about Mr. Jenkins’s verisimilitude.

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