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Friday, July 6, 2018

Wall Street Journal Fact Checking Quiz

Today's Wall Street Journal  (July 6, 2018) includes the following sentences in a editorial about the departure of EPA Administrator:

Press dispatches have suggested that he misused private air travel, sent staff on
personal errands and bought $1560 pens, among dozens of other allegations.  Mr.Pruitt says most of this was false or exaggerated, and no doubt much of it was. (my emphasis.

Pop Quiz

The Wall Street Journal's above statements are:

A)  The gospel truth notwithstanding its reporting to the contrary;             
B)  A rare case of fake news from a trusted source;
C)  A white lie to state a more important truth; or
D)  A "pants on fire" lie to reinvent the facts for doctrinal purposes.

You be the judge.

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