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Monday, January 25, 2016

Comcast Plays By Its Own Rules

Few companies can get away with charging consumers for service yet delivered.  Comcast does.

Few companies can impose late payment fees for service not yet rendered, but of course Comcast does.

To add insult to injury, a Comcast bill did not arrive and the company will not alert subscribers using email addresses other than the company's.

To add further insult, Comcast imposed a $9.50 late fee, but agreed to waive it in light of my payment history.  Of course the company's representative conveniently "forgot" to key in the credit which by the way can only apply to a future bill.

Brian Roberts whines about consumers who don't want to pay for content. 

Here's a newsflash: consumers don't like being cheated and taken for granted by a company intent on squeezing every last dime, lawfully or not.

Maybe someone at Comcast ought to read the FCC's Truth in Billing requirements.

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