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Friday, June 29, 2007

FCC Makes the Right Call

The FCC today issued a Declaratory Ruling stating that "that no carriers, including interexchange carriers, may block, choke, reduce or restrict traffic in any way."
available at: I trust that statement is clear enough for the wireline and wireless carriers who decided they could serve as judge, jury and executioner when one of their telecom brethren gamed the system.

Several major carriers decided not to complete calls to clever independent local exchange carriers who pump up call volume and access charge interconnection payments by offering "free" conference and international calling. Ample FCC and case law precedent conclusively states that telecommunications service providers operate as common carriers. Likewise the "Filed Rate Doctrine" binds both carriers and end users to pay tariffed rates. If the blocking carriers did not like the access charge rate of compensation--and they surely should not like 7 or cents per minute rates--then they can contest the tariff when filed.

Remarkably the FCC made the right call.