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Thursday, November 1, 2007

DSL and Cable Modem Lose Over 24% Market Share in One Year??!!

In the lies, damn lies and statistics department the FCC has made another contribution. The Commisison's most current compilation of broadband market share shows wireless (satellite and cellular) acquiring over 24% from wireline cable television and telco options. See and compare with the prior calculation:

How could this be? Well in reality I doubt whether many consumers would gladly pay more than double for a fraction of the bit rate available from wired options. But (and here's the snarky part) if one calculated broadband using an unrealistically low bar--say 200 kilobits per second--and if one ignores cost, then suddenly wireless options have become a major--here's the pay off--FACILITIES-BASED COMPETITOR of the cable/telco duopoly.

If only I could think and grow rich just as the FCC thinks competition exists and its statistics make it so.

In reality wireless options have their niche role wven though they offer no more than 500 or so kilobits per second. If you are on the road and have no wi-fi or wired option, then 500 kbps is better than nothing. But the FCC wants the statistics to evidence that robust competition exists in the real broadband arena (1 megabit or faster). The cable/telco duopoly is alive and well.


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